The Celtics are Brandon Pirri Jersey currently ranked 49 wins and 27 losses in the eastern first, still leading the Cavaliers 0.5 wins, so in the game with the Knicks on the 3rd, the Celtics will win over, and strive to keep the first in the East position. Avery-Bradley did not flee to New York, he will not attend the 3-day game, and this will be his absence Brian Leetch Jersey of the season 27 games, rookie Jay Brown will replace him into Starting lineup. Celtics on a war to 117-116 win over the Celtics, Thomas scored 35 points.


The Hall of Fame was originally founded Carl Hagelin Jersey in 1959 and was founded by the former athletic director of Lee-Williams. Hall of Fame is essentially a basketball museum, the main display items include basketball, graphic, video, CD and other information. In the 1960s, the Hall of Fame's Chris Kreider Jersey operations were struggling to raise funds needed to build venues. But through the next five years of efforts, the first Hall of Fame building was finally built on February 17, 1968, this time from the NBA 18th All-Star Game Chris Mueller Jersey ended less than a month, Hall of Fame finally officially open.


Located in the western suburbs of the University of Phoenix Stadium is the home of the Arizona football team, these days has been transformed into a million people can accommodate a huge basketball court. The nation's crazy NCAA "final semi-finals" tournament, on this weekend as scheduled.


Phoenix 12 o'clock local time, the author's car was blocked in the distance from the Arena about 1 mile high-speed exit. Although the game is officially started at 3 pm, but the enthusiasm of the fans are unprecedented high, along the way I can see everywhere wearing a wide variety of clothes fans from all directions to the arena. About 1 o'clock, I was reluctantly from the media channel into the arena.