King away Derek Stepan Jersey beat the Timberwolves, ending two straight. Hilde scored a career-high 22 points, Lawson 21 points and 11 assists, Cowley - Stan 15 points and 10 rebounds. The Timberwolves suffered Derick Brassard Jersey the first seven games in the last game, losing the playoffs. Vikings 32 points, Downs 26 points and 11 rebounds, Rubio 11 points 6 rebounds and 13 assists.


The end of the first section, the king Dominic Moore Jersey has been behind the Timberwolves 13 points, but the king's bench to play well, half before the end of the difference will be reduced to 4 points. The second half, the king completely ruled the Timberwolves, they played a wave Dylan Mcilrath Jersey of 26-9 climax, go-ahead score, and eventually to 6 points advantage over the opponent. After losing the game, the Minnesota home team record into 19 wins and 20 losses, less than five percent at home winning percentage.


Tracy McGrady was officially selected 2017 Hall Eddie Giacomin Jersey of Fame, he will be in the local time on September 7 - 9 at the Hall of Fame ceremony officially coronated, so, "Yao Mai combination" has two years selected Hall of Fame, legendary career were recognized The


Hall of Fame full name is Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Memorial Hall, and people think of the abstract concept is different from the Hall of Fame is a real three-story building, located near the US Highway 91. Although the pilgrimage for the world's basketball lovers, but the Hall of Fame's business is not smooth sailing. The Hall of Fame owed huge debts and even brink of bankruptcy. After the economic crisis of the Hall of Fame, it seems more aware of the "celebrity" on its own survival and development of the important significance, so in recent years has been a high popularity star into the Hall of Fame incident occurred. So how is the business situation of the Hall of Fame now? Why do they pay more and more attention to the naming of stars?